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Beautiful Plav lake area
Lake Plav
November 14, 2021
Incredible nature at national park Prokletije
National Park Prokletije
November 23, 2021

Waterfall Grlja

Waterfall Grlja is a beautiful waterfall, located in the national park Prokletije. It is the part of mountain Skakavica river. The waterfall fall into a little cozy cave that makes it unique and magical.

The area is picturesque - surrounded by magnificent mountains of the park and pure nature. New planted trees are located along the mountain river. There is a lovely restaurant not far from the waterfall so you could rest and enjoy the local meal in a beautiful location.

For those who prefer some quiet private time, there are a few gazebos next to it so you can take some food with you. Don't forget to keep the nature clean and take the garbage with you. For your safety, railings are made along the cave so you could climb the stones and watch the waterfall and its flow.
  • Tender Christmas tree at national park Prokletije
  • Beautiful landscape view at national park Prokletije
  • Exploring beautiful streets of national park Prokletije
  • Mountain river and brown mountains at national park Prokletije
  • Mountains and River at national park Prokletije
  • coniferous trees at national park Prokletije
  • Lovely mountain river at Ujvara waterfall
  • Interesting plants at Ujvara waterfall
  • Interesting perspective at Ujvara waterfall
  • Hole at Ujvara waterfall
  • Entrance of Ujvara waterfall
  • Near Ujvara waterfall fence
  • From behind the stones national park Prokletije
  • Fence near the Ujvara waterfall
  • Ujvara waterfall flow
  • Cave and tree at Ujvara waterfall
  • Restaurant at Ujvara waterfall from behind the stones
  • Hills above Ujvara waterfall
  • Ujvara waterfall in the cave 1
  • Ujvara waterfall in the cave
  • Restaurant and area in the national park near Ujvara waterfall
  • Area of national park Prokletije near Ujvara waterfall
  • Mountain river at fall national park Prokletije
  • Ujvara waterfall beautiful area
  • Amazing territory of Ujvara waterfall
  • Pavilions for picnic Prokletije national park
  • Amazing nature near Ujvara waterfall at national park Prokletije
  • Mountains and area near waterfall Ujvara
  • Pavilions near waterfall Ujvara
  • The area near restaurant and Ujvara waterfall
  • Restaurant near the waterfall Ujvara
  • National Park Prokletije fall brown colours
  • National Park Prokletije the road to the Ujvara waterfall
  • National Park Prokletije surrounding area near the Ujvara waterfall
  • Ujvara waterfall sign