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Autumn on the Adriatic Coast
Autumn on the Adriatic Coast
November 7, 2021
Ujvara waterfall in the cave 1
Waterfall Grlja
November 22, 2021

Lake Plav

Lake Plav is a beautiful not so big lake. It's the biggest glacier lake in the region. The lake is located next to Plav city and very close to the national park Prokletije.

The region is very picturesque, used to be a very popular continental touristic attraction, the center of eco-tourism. At summertime you can rent catamaran or a little boat and take a ride along the Lake Plav. There is jumping area and different piers to walk and enjoy amazing views. There are a lot of ducks that you can feed in the area.

Numerous hotels around the lake offer a great accommodations with all the facilities for your needs. You can also find any apartments, hotels, villas etc at Plav city. There are a lot of benches along the lake on the piers so you can sit and observe beautiful nature.
  • Different mountains around the Plav lake
  • Ducks in Plav lake
  • Places to walk at Plav lake
  • Catamarans at Plav lake
  • Hungry ducks at Plav lake
  • Plav from Plav lake
  • Plav lake and place for jumping
  • Plav lake and its pier
  • Surrounding Plav lake area
  • Mirror Plav lake
  • Beautiful mirror of Plav lake
  • Beautiful Plav lake city from the lake
  • Mountain in the mirror of Plav lake
  • Lovely landscape view Plav lake
  • Exploring area of Plav lake
  • Beautiful reflection of Plav lake
  • Amazing view at Plav lake
  • Landscape Plav lake view
  • Activities on the Plav lake
  • Plav lake at fall
  • Beautiful Plav lake area
  • Exploring pier at Plav lake
  • Plav lake like a mirror at sunny November day
  • Different simple boats in Plav lake
  • Peaceful Plav lake
  • Single green boat in Plav lake
  • Lovely red boat in Plav lake
  • Plav lake pier and hotels
  • Single red boat in Plav lake
  • Plav lake in brawn colours in November
  • Plav lake and mountains around
  • Plav lake brawn colours
  • Benches on Plav lake
  • Mountains around Plav lake
  • Entrance to Plav lake
  • Hotels around Plav lake
  • Near the Plav lake in November
  • The road to pier to Plav lake