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Fort Lesendro
October 8, 2022
Verige Beach
October 14, 2022

Our Lady of Angels

Our Lady of Angels is a small and very beautiful Catholic church in front of an ancient Perast city in the bay of Kotor. There is a lovely lighthouse next to the church. You can see the whole bay, two beautiful islands including Our Lady of The Rocks, and pure nature around - gorgeous mountains, beauty of coastal cities and transparent sea. There is a tiny empty beach where you can enjoy swimming on your own with amazing views. It's a perfect place to feel the connection with the divine and nature, find and feel peace.
  • Our-Lady-of-Angels-through-the-flowers
  • Going-from-the-top-to-Verige-Beach
  • Our-Lady-of-Angels-with-the-lighthouse-from-close
  • Our-Lady-of-Angels-entrance-and-lighthouse
  • Sunny-side-next-to-Our-Lady-of-Angels
  • Our-Lady-of-Angels-and-beautiful-lighthouse
  • Tender-divine-Our-Lady-of-Angels
  • Amazing-Our-Lady-of-Angels-and-beautiful-Islands
  • Divine-landscape-with-Our-Lady-of-Angels
  • Our-Lady-of-Angels-and-Islands
  • Sign-to-Our-Lady-of-Angels
  • Walking-down-to-Our-Lady-of-Angels
  • Hiking-trail-to-Our-Lady-of-Angels
  • Our-Lady-of-Angels-in-front-of-gorgeous-mountains