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Kotor Natural Beach
September 23, 2022
September 27, 2022

Prcanj Beach

Prcanj Beach is a pretty small narrow beach on the bay of Kotor with impressive landscape views. The water is very transparent and clear there. It's a pebble beach that is located in the city Prcanj. There are a few piers not far away from the beach where locals leave their boasts and you might rent one for a lovely boat trip. There is a renting boat tours agency at the beach that offers beautiful kayak and other types of tours at the sea.

There are a few cafes and shops in the city not far from the beach which is very convenient for your needs. The location of the beach allows you to see the other shore of the bay and sailing cruise ships in the bay. It's a wonderful place for your rest.
  • Pebble-Prcanj-Beach
  • Prcanj-Beach-sea-and-pebble
  • Prcanj-Beach-pier-and-mountains-around
  • Beautiful-coastline-at-Prcanj-Beach
  • Amazing-transparent-sea-at-Prcanj-Beach
  • Prcanj-Beach-view-from-the-pier
  • Pier-next-to-Prcanj-Beach
  • Prcanj-Beach-landscape-view-to-the-mountains
  • Mountains-view-from-Prcanj-Beach-
  • Turquoise-sea-at-Prcanj-Beach