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Kotor Beach
September 23, 2022
Prcanj Beach
September 26, 2022

Kotor Natural Beach

Kotor Natural Beach is a cozy small pebble beach in one of the most magnificent cities of Europe - Kotor. It's located within nature, surrounded by beautiful trees with impressive views to the whole bay of Kotor. The water is very transparent and beautiful there. It is pretty wild as it's located a bit farther from the city but pretty close to all the sights - Old Town of Kotor and main promenade.

There is a pretty big parking next to the beach and there are a lot of numerous cafes and little shops along the road. So you can find anything you need for your comfortable staying.
  • Perfect-landscape-at-Kotor-Natural-Beach
  • Kotor-Natural-Beach-sun-through-the-tree
  • Other-stony-side-Kotor-Natural-Beach
  • Sun-shines-above-Kotor-Natural-Beach
  • Peaceful-scenery-Kotor-Natural-Beach
  • Kotor-Natural-Beach-breathtaking-view
  • Different-stones-at-divine-sea-Kotor-Natural-Beach
  • Stony-coast-Kotor-Natural-Beach
  • Kotor-Natural-Beach-stones-at-perfectly-transparent-sea
  • Mountains-and-stones-Kotor-Natural-Beach
  • Stones-at-transparent-sea-at-Kotor-Natural-Beach
  • Kotor-Natural-Beach-mountains-around-the-bay-of-Kotor
  • Pebble-Kotor-Natural-Beach-and-amazing-mountains
  • Incredible-view-from-Kotor-Natural-Beach
  • Transparent-peaceful-sea-and-magnificent-view-to-the-bay-Kotor-Natural-Beach
  • Kotor-Natural-Beach-coastline-and-trees
  • Lovely-tree-and-the-bay-of-Kotor-Kotor-Natural-Beach
  • Kotor-Natural-Beach-in-nature
  • Kotor-Natural-Beach-through-the-trees