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Sunlight highlights Ulcinj hiking trail
Ulcinj Hiking Trail
August 7, 2022
Crvena Stijena beautiful red coastline
Crvena Stijena Beach
August 12, 2022

Kraljevska Plaza in Bar

Kraljevska Plaza in Bar is a very beautiful beach in the center of Bar city with a very modern and good looking beach bar. It is located next to playground for kids and it has own playground which is very convenient for families with kids. The area is very beautiful - from one side there is a lovely promenade with flowers and palms and from the other is amazing coastline with lovely rocks and mountains tenderly surrounding the whole area. The beach bar offers numerous dishes and drinks and a lot of places for rest. You can rent beach equipment at the bar. A long promenade behind it allows you to walk and enjoy the city walk. There is a pier at the side of the beach with a lot of rocks and because of it the water isn't very clear and clean there but a bit farther, it's a nice water. You can park your car either at the stadium big free parking or near Princess hotel there is a big free parking and walk from there. The location of the beach is nice and connects other beaches in the city so you can easily reach a lot of places to walk and different entertainment.
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  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-beach-view
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-rocky-sea-side
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-beautiful-sea
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-resting-area
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-beach-trail
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-sunbeds
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-mountains-view
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-showers-and-sea-view
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-sunbeds-Palm-and-sun
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-beach-equipment
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-beach-equipment-and-playground
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-grill
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-from-between-trees
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-beach-bar-and-coast-view
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-beach-bar-tables
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-highlighted-with-the-sun
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-beautiful-bar-entrance
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-sea-and-port-view
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-beach-car
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-cafe-entrance
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-sunny-bar
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-from-the-road
  • Kraljevska-Plaza-in-Bar-cafe-bar