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Viking Venus cruise ship in Kotor
Viking Venus in Kotor
July 17, 2021
Viewpoint St Sava Church popular touristic destinations
Viewpoint St Sava Church
July 20, 2021

New Fountain in Bar

New Fountain in Bar was opened recently in Bar city, in the yard of a new building - Zetagradnja. It is built in a new square, with well-groomed territory, benches, flowers and lovely design elements around. You can see the sea and port from that area. It's a lovely place to have some rest.
  • New fountain in Bar
  • New square near New fountain
  • The view to cruise ship from the new square
  • Beautiful new fountain in Bar
  • New fountain behind Zetagradnja
  • Flowerbed in a new square near fountain
  • Monument in a new square
  • Beautiful new square surrounded by trees
  • Fountain near Zetagradnja in Bar
  • Interesting design elements near fountain
  • Cozy new square in Bar
  • Fountain and olive tree in a new square
  • Flowers near the monument in a new square
  • Sun light around the new square in Bar
  • New bridge new a new square in Bar
  • Flowers around the new square in Bar
  • The new square in front of the building