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April in the Adriatic coast
April on the Adriatic Coast
April 9, 2024

Dino Park in Bar

Dino Park is a great amusement park for kids that takes place in Bar city from May 28 to June 3.

In the Dino Park, all visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy observing the sculptures, but also to take photos next to special photo exhibits in the form of dinosaurs, dino eggs, dinosaur jaws, as well as in dino costumes.

During the Dino Park exhibition in our city, a rich program of fun-educational-sports workshops was designed for children and the whole family.

  • Lovely small baby dinosaur in Dino Park
  • Walking among Dinosaurs in Dino Park
  • Lovely Dinosaurs in Dino Park
  • Dinosaurs in Bar
  • Velociraptor in Dino Park
  • Dino park in Bar
  • Egg in Dino Park
  • Dinosaur from the park
  • Small dinosaur in Dino Park
  • One of Dinosaurs in the Dino Park
  • Watching Dinosaurs in Dino Park
  • Flying dinosaur in Dino Park
  • One dinosaur eating another one in Dino Park
  • Open the mouth of a dinosaur in Dino Park