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Bar Waterfall
February 8, 2021
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Old Bar
March 5, 2021

Crocuses Season in Cetinje

One of the most incredible sights which is seasonal attraction - is crocuses season in Cetinje. This will allow you not only to discover this beautiful city, but also to see beautiful flowers.

Crocuses are small purple flowers that are blossoming at late winter - early spring. This is a true joy of the season - the way winter inferior its place to beautiful spring. Cetinje is a perfect place to witness this beauty.

The city has a lot of parks and open areas in the forest, surrounded by mountains that are covered with numerous crocuses. They create a picturesque fields that make the whole area look like magical creations. The city itself is very quiet, with slow and measured pace of living. These tender early-spring flowers look really inspiring.

It's so unusual that each park in the city has all the areas covered with crocuses and not just random separate flowers as in other regions. University's park has a lovely area with numerous crocuses and snowdrops. It really looks amazing. This is like a must-see atrraction at this time of the year!
  • Incredible flowers. Crocuses in Cetinje
  • Crocuses season in Cetinje 1
  • Purple field of crocuses
  • Forest set. Cetinje
  • Crocuses on the playground in Cetinje
  • Park in Cetinje. Crocuses and snowdrops
  • Park area at crocuses season
  • Crocuses season at the end of winter. Cetinje
  • Crocuses and late winter flowers in the park
  • Blossoming crocuses. Late winter season
  • Purple blossoming crocuses. Cetinje
  • The field of blossoming flowers. Cetinje
  • Blossoming park in Cetinje
  • Park with flowers in Cetinje
  • Late winter flowers in Cetinje
  • Cetinje. Snowdrops and crocuses
  • Crocuses and snowdrops in the park in Cetinje
  • Tender flowers field in Cetinje
  • Cetinje. Amazing flowers
  • Central park in Cetinje. Crocuses season
  • Tender crocuses on the field
  • Forest with crocuses in Cetinje
  • Cetinje forest. Crocuses season
  • The field of flowers. Crocuses season
  • Crocuses view to the church. Cetinje
  • Crocuses field in the center of Cetinje 1614372677330
  • Purple Crocuses
  • Beautiful crocuses on the field 1614372677373
  • The field of crocuses
  • Crocuses near the church in Cetinje
  • Crocuses field. Blossoming beauty
  • Lovely crocuses
  • Crocuses season in Cetinje
  • Crocuses forest
  • Crocuses on the grass
  • Center of Cetinje with crocuses
  • Sunny day. Crocuses season
  • Crocuses field. Cetinje park
  • Crocuses. City park
  • City forest full of crocuses
  • Mountains view. Cetinje in crocuses
  • Cetinje and crocuses
  • Gorgeous crocuses. Cetinje
  • Crocuses everywhere in Cetinje
  • Beautiful crocuses