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Portonovi sealine
December 8, 2020
Lushtica bay breathtaking view
Lustica Bay
December 13, 2020

Cruise Ships are Staying in the Port in Bar City

The port in Bar city has an important industrial, military, and commercial significance. At the end of November, the big cruise ship Norwegian Spirit has arrived at the port at Bar city. The crew of the ship has arrived at the country in a few days by plane, to settle on the ship. At the beginning of December, another cruise ship of the same company has arrived at the same port. It was the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship. According to the reports, the ship has arrived already with the crew. The government of the country had a deal so both cruise ships will stay in the port of Bar waiting for further instructions.

Montenegro has a good location on the Adriatic sea close to other important cruise destinations in case the next cruise trip will start in Europe. Apparently, it's pretty convenient for everyone so the ships are staying in Bar. Montenegro is a member of NATO and the port of Bar is a military port that has all the needed equipment and supply. So for now, both beautiful cruise ships are staying in a lovely Bar city, and giving to us an opportunity to enjoy their beauty.