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Portonovi Beach perfect landscape
Portonovi Beach
October 10, 2021
Living on the Adriatic Coast at Different Seasons
Living on the Adriatic Coast at Different Seasons
November 5, 2021

Utjeha Beach Near Slavko

Utjeha Beach Near Slavko is a very small and cozy beach, located at Hladna Uvala coast. The beach is hidden between the rocks. There is a narrow trail along the coast that leads to the beach.

The beach has pebbles and a few beautiful grottos that add romance to the beach. You can mostly get there if you're staying at one one the hotels, villas or apartments nearby. In other case you will need to walk pretty long way through the rocks and hidden trails. The beach has a nice beach bar there.
  • Magical tunnel Hladna Uvala
  • Hidden tunnel in Hladna Uvala
  • Narrow trail Hladna Uvala
  • Narrow road to the beach Slavko Hladna Uvala
  • Beach Slavko Hladna Uvala
  • Beach Slavko from the top Hladna Uvala
  • Beach Slavko in Hladna Uvala
  • Place for beach equipment for beach Slavko Hladna Uvala
  • Cozy little beach Slavko
  • Empty beach Slavko Hladna Uvala
  • Beautiful stony hills of beach Slavko Hladna Uvala
  • Tunnel in stones at Hladna Uvala
  • The view of hills and stones at Hladna Uvala
  • Tunnel at the side of Hladna Uvala
  • Hladna Uvala tunnel at the sea
  • the landscape view to Slavko beach from behind the hill Hladna Uvala
  • Stone behind the tunnel at the sea at Hladna Uvala
  • Hladna Uvala landscape view stony beach
  • Breathtaking landscape view Hladna Uvala
  • Trail decorated with flowers Hladna Uvala
  • Slavko beach Hladna Uvala pebble beach
  • Flower over the trail Hladna Uvala