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Nice sea view to Herceg Novi Beach
Herceg Novi Beach
May 22, 2021
Nice view at summer sea. Walking Trail Petrovac Rezevici
Walking Trail Petrovac – Rezevici
May 27, 2021

Orahovac Beach

Orahovac Beach is a very small beach in a little village Orahovac. This is an extremely picturesque place that is located in the Bay of Kotor, surrounded by very appealing mostly stony mountains. The mountains are very close that creates a warm feeling of being surrounded and protected by divine beauty.

The beach is very close, located near narrow street and beach bar. Bar has a little parking for a few cars and stairs that lead to the beach itself. Orahovac beach is stony but with a very beautiful view to the Bay of Kotor. The water is very transparent and beautiful there. A little pier is located close to the beach. If you will walk along the main road, you might find an oyster farm. Trees near the beach create a natural shadow that is very good for hot summer days. It's a pretty hidden and lovely little beach with fantastic view.
  • Unusual perspective 1621703208051. Orahovac beach
  • Stony cozy Orahovac beach
  • Stairs to Orahovac beach
  • Orahovac beach. View to beach bar and Boka bay
  • Green tiny Orahovac beach
  • Mountains and sea view. Orahovac beach
  • Incredible mountains surrounded Orahovac beach
  • Quiet sea and fantastic view at Orahovac beach
  • Pier and Orahovac. Orahovac beach
  • Incredible mountains around Orahovac beach and moon
  • Unreal sea at Orahovac beach
  • Green trees and turquoise sea. Orahovac beach
  • Natural shadow at Orahovac beach
  • Transparent sea at Orahovac beach
  • Pier at the end of Orahovac beach
  • Very small Orahovac beach and beautiful mountains in front of it
  • Big tree on small Orahovac beach
  • Beach bar on Orahovac beach
  • above Orahovac beach
  • Boka view from stony Orahovac beach